Tim Navarro Designer


Age: 32

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Resides in: Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Designers: Zegna and Alexander McQueen; local designers like Laura Fulk, Sarah Holm & Danielle Everine

Style Icon: Prince

Favorite Past Project Runway Designer: Austin Scarlett, Nick Verreos


At a young age, both Navarro and his twin brother Thom began following their innate love for fashion. Navarro’s mother taught him to sew and he and Thom would alter their own clothes by hand, if they didn’t like the hand me downs they received from their older siblings. While his strength is in expert tailoring and designing menswear, Navarro finds inspiration ranging from Zegna to the local bicycle community to the GLBT community because of their confidence beyond the clothes they wear. According to Navarro, everyone should own and wear a vest, the easiest piece in his closet to dress up a look.

Why He’ll win?

Navarro has not only strength as a designer, but also as a business person in the industry, having opened his own store, along with his twin brother Thom. Recently he created his own production company, as well, utilizing his strengths as a tailor with careful attention to detail.