Sandhya Garg Designer


Age: 28

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Resides In: Birmingham, AL

Favorite Designers: Alexander McQueen, Manish Arora, Olivier Rousteing

Favorite Past Project Runway Designers: Dom Streater and Bradon McDonald


As a child in India, Sandhya Garg had a strong will, and a creative mind.   Very different from other children, at age 8 she began designing clothes and bags for her Barbie Dolls. Two years later, she created her own skirt and pants for herself. Since then she has been headed confidently in the direction of becoming a fashion designer. Today her aesthetic is to design garments that please and intrigue the eye. Partial towards purple, Garg has spent years designing for women across the borders of continents and cultures. She understands the similarities within women whether in the UK, USA or Middle East and believes her ability to face criticism positively is one of her strengths. Having recently moved to the United States, her impressive resume of industry training includes formal design training across 3 continents as well as having worked for Alexander McQueen.

Why She’ll win?

Having received 2 design degrees in both India and England and numerous major awards for her designs, Garg’s impressive resume proves her talent. While others describe her as doing what she says and being very strong-minded, she herself claims why she could win this competition is because simply she lives for this. She makes it work.