Korina Emmerich Designer

Age: 28

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Favorite Style Icon: Jimi Hendrix, Tilda Swinton, Debbie Harry & David Bowie

Favorite Designers: Always and forever: Alexander McQueen

Fashion Must: little black dress

Fashion Pet Peeve: Uggs and flip flops

Born into a creative family, Emmerich grew up in Oregon, among artistic relatives who encouraged her and her sisters to go out into the world and get what they want!  After ripping out pages of her older sister’s fashion magazines, a young Emmerich knew that her love of art would be brought to life by way of fashion.  Around age 13 she designed her first dress, which unfortunately fell to pieces the first time she danced in it.  It was the aforementioned love and support by her friends and family that kept her encouraged.   Graduating with a BA in Apparel Design, Emmerich went on to work on the retail side of the fashion industry and currently manages a high-end consignment shop.   But getting where she is now wasn’t without sacrifice.  Believing so much that she was destined to be in this industry, she sold everything she owned, packed two suitcases and headed for the Big Apple.  A strong and confident music-loving Korina touts that her designs are for today’s woman.

She’ll win?
In one word: Confidence.  Beyond her degree in design, or her past and present work experience in the industry, Korina believes in herself, in her skill and drive, and is ready to show the world.