Emmanuel Tobias Designer


Age: 29

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Currently Resides in: Dallas, TX

Favorite Style Icon: Tilda Swinton

Favorite Designers: Chado Ralph Rucci, Alexander McQueen, Cristóbal Balenciaga

Favorite past Runway Designer: Anya Yong Chee & Anthony Ryan


Born into a traditional family in Mexico, Emmanuel Tobias is the eldest of 3 children and is described by his family as a “big kid.”  His entrance into the fashion world happened around the time of his sister’s quinceañera, for which he designed her dress. After finding someone to make it, and the process of seeing of his design executed into reality, he realized he had the potential to become a designer and actually sustain a living at it. Two fashion degrees later, Tobias now proudly serves simultaneously as a Creative Director for a private label as well as a draping professor at a Dallas fashion school. He has won several design awards and attributes them to knowledge of textiles and ability to execute his visions. He finds inspiration in street culture, androgyny, fine textiles and prints and most enjoys working with double wool crepe. His most proud creation is a jacket made out of silk gazaar, and silk organza, containing over 100 pieces of puzzled seams with individual piping.

Why He’ll Win?

Confident and positive, this fierce competitor thinks his exceptional skill level at his craft will lead him to victory.